Percys Blog #1

So… three years. Three years and a dozen failed attempts to jump start this shit cracker. Not to say I don’t enjoy every second of this goddamned beautiful disaster, bad idea and failed execution though it was. This relaunch is ultimately nothing more than the personification of my inability to leave well enough alone. I’ve felt for some time that I let Parade of Insanity die prematurely and half assed it’s finale. And as many of you may already know, I have an insistence on doing things with my whole ass whether I should or not. So, after a number of attempts to relaunch that failed in a blaze of… something… not glory, but something, the time finally came to get serious about this. And I mean serious. So here’s a rundown of the new and upcoming features. Percys Blog is where you’ll get the straight dick on everything in the Parade of Insanity world straight from the jack asses mouth. I felt it was necessary to include something like this to alleviate the confusion that was found the last time we tried this, for which I blame Doyle entirely. POI-TV. That’s right, coming next summer is a cluster of web series’ from the mind of our team here. A few we’re very excited about are Ask Percy, Weekend Wars, and Alive and Undead. Ask Percy is a Dear Abby style write in where I will personally address your questions and concerns about the world around us. So start thinking up what to write and keep in mind that absolutely no subject is off limits. Weekend Wars is a documentary series following us at conventions and on shoots where you’ll get a unique inside look at how we do what we do. And Alive and Undead is a similar documentary series that will last only six episodes and will cover the rise and fall and subsequent re-rise of Parade of Insanity. I’m still trying to talk them out of this one for reasons that don’t concern you. And beginning in the spring we’ll have a page dedicated to Tutorials. We’ll take turns running you through a few simple tricks that will advance your skill as a photographer exponentially before we start shoving special effects and lessons on the history of the use of effects down your throats so hard you’ll be gagging on all the goodness. That’s all for now I think. Check back soon for more updates. And as always, stay shiny. ~P

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