Hi ho, all. Percy here.

Just a quick note that Parade of Insanity is undergoing an active restructuring at the moment. All the old stuff will still be available here until all the new stuff is prepared. So if you’re looking for any of the tiresome dreck I produced over the last couple of years, take ease, it’s all still here.

To make this long story short, I’ve had an epiphany. A sudden jolt of inspiration. A swift and cosmic kick in the ass. And over this summer I’ll be assembling a team of dedicated artists and going in the direction I originally intended for this company to go when I first started it all those years ago.

Since mid April I’ve been cranking out ideas at record speed, which is a shock to me as just before it started I was forcing myself to not for the simple fact that I was out of gas. The tank, it seems, has been refilled and the concepts are flowing forth as though I ate a dozen alkaseltzer tabs and washed them down with a two liter of warm soda. Few of them are photographic in nature, so don’t expect a lot of new photography when we get back to things in the fall.

Think big. Take small steps. And, as always, stay shiny.