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Percys Blog #3

I’ve been thinking lately. About a lot of things. Mostly the future of Parade of Insanity in the wake of a realization I’ve made. It may be necessary at this time to explain, in as vague of terminology as I can, that a few months ago my life changed quite drastically and every long term plan I had made in the last two years became subject to reevaluation or abject dismissal. This resulted in an introspective period. If I was going to start changing plans, which I was, there was no option, then I was going to return to my primal state as an artist. Before Parade of insanity there was a different version of me. In many ways attempting to run a business based around my art complicated things. It made it imperative that I choose one thing. I chose photography because it’s something I’m passionate about. But there are other things I’d rather be doing sometimes. I’ll bet most of you had no idea I was a musician before turning to photography as a career path. Toyed around in acting a bit. Writing. Fashion design. Most of you didn’t know any of this because I fell into this rut of thinking that this one thing I’ve chosen to wrap my career around is the one thing I’m supposed to be doing. Looking back, this time last year I was having a bit of a crisis. I felt burned out on photography. It didn’t make it any better that I had been sent an article from Fortune 500 about how the world doesn’t need photographers anymore because everyone has a camera on their phone. To me the smart phone advent is more reason than ever to support photographers. Yes, we have fancy rigs. We can also take a better picture with a Fujifilm disposable camera we picked up at the drug store than the average teenage girl can take with her iPhone, no matter how ornate the bathroom is she’s taking her selfies in. There’s more to photography than technology. But that’s not the main stream view anymore. Art is dying at the hands of these pricks. And I was at the end of my rope. Between the burn out and the reminder that art doesn’t matter to the world anymore I was pretty well out of it. Unfortunately, when I tried to explain this to someone, that burnout was met with what I’m sure they thought were encouraging words but in hindsight were damaging a all bloody hell. Instead of reminding me that I’m allowed to take a break, I was told to tough it out. That made me feel like I was expected to do this. Like this was the only thing that made me a worthwhile artist in this persons eyes. That perceived expectation led to the last year of experiments that I look back on and cringe. I cringe because I realize that those things were the result of my brain trying to force ideas to be photo projects. Musical concepts, story ideas, and even just the slightest inkling toward a visual of some kind became forced photography. Forced ideas. Forced everything. And my work suffered. I suffered. When everything I came up with became something I was burned out on, everything I did became work. I’ve taken a few months off at this point. Given myself a chance to think. A chance to refresh my mind and allow the gates to reopen. And in that time I haven’t had many thoughts of photography. Quite a bit of musical experimentation, reaching back to my roots, to the me that was inspired by artists who were so venomously criticized by the people I kept close that I no longer wanted to play for fear of being likewise criticized. Those people are gone. Those artists, those sounds, those feelings remain. And for the first time in two years I’m letting myself let that out. Hastily scribbled story ideas line my walls. The result of reestablishing what it was that gave me license to write. In fact the one major photo idea I’ve had is something fairly large that I won’t go into until the project begins. But it’s unlike anything I’ve done before. It’s organic. It’s real. It’s perfect. And it excites me to be working toward making it happen. The short version of all this is that my break from this is going to continue. Not to say that Parade of insanity will be no more. Just that I’m putting on the back burner for the time being. Of course any photo shoot I do will be proudly presented by the company. I’m not saying good bye. I’m just saying don’t wait up for me. I don’t know where this is going anymore. But I have an idea. And the idea is all that matters. We’ll get to the finished product when we get there. ~P

Percys Blog #2

Before anyone decides they have the brass ones to call me on it, yes, I’m well aware that it’s been nearly a year since I posted that first blog. Roughly a year ago I set about rebuilding this website. It was a fools errand from the beginning, most especially when you consider that it was pretty much just me at that time. I had outside help here and there, but as far as content- me. Photography- me. Planning and layout- me. All of it… you get it. And you may have noticed that things have not gone as I had said they would. Plans had to change due to foreseen circumstances that involved alcohol. But mostly it’s been just changes, not complete cancellations. I’ve come to a point where I’m tired of making plans only for said plans to never see the light of day. I’m sitting on a pile of project ideas that I keep swearing to myself will be completed. Hell, 13 days of Halloween was basically a trial run for a few ideas. A hastily produced, entirely adlibbed, and not entirely followable trial. But a trial none the less. Basically, what I’m getting at is that I’ve decided to quit saying I’m going to do something in a certain way, at a certain time. It never works out the way I imagine it will. Usually it works out better, but not on time and not always even the same subject matter. What comes out in the end is the result of trial and error on the idea that started the original plan. So, fuck it. The plan never works out, but the idea lives on. To dick with planning things in advance. No more will there be hardline plans posted to this site. Instead, when I have an idea, I’m going to sit on it and figure it out as I go along. The alternative is feeling like a low swinging cod for failing to get my shit together, followed by alcohol, regret, more alcohol, and finally a finished product based on the original idea. I’m simply cutting out the middle man. Alcohol will still very much be involved in the process. I’m just cutting out the self loathing bullshit. Idea to execution with no shitballs plans in the middle. That’s the way it’s gonna go from now on. But that aside, I have a celebratory announcement to make. In precisely two weeks time Parade of Insanity celebrates it’s 5th year of existence. Not that it’s existence has amounted to much for most of that time. But considering that the 22nd of next month also marks a solid year of sustained existence for Parade of Insanity (an unprecedented milestone the likes of which we’ve never accomplished before), I feel pretty good about saying fuck yes to five years. That wraps it for this post, not like anyone reads this bush anyway. Stay shiny. ~P

Percys Blog #1

So… three years. Three years and a dozen failed attempts to jump start this shit cracker. Not to say I don’t enjoy every second of this goddamned beautiful disaster, bad idea and failed execution though it was. This relaunch is ultimately nothing more than the personification of my inability to leave well enough alone. I’ve felt for some time that I let Parade of Insanity die prematurely and half assed it’s finale. And as many of you may already know, I have an insistence on doing things with my whole ass whether I should or not. So, after a number of attempts to relaunch that failed in a blaze of… something… not glory, but something, the time finally came to get serious about this. And I mean serious. So here’s a rundown of the new and upcoming features. Percys Blog is where you’ll get the straight dick on everything in the Parade of Insanity world straight from the jack asses mouth. I felt it was necessary to include something like this to alleviate the confusion that was found the last time we tried this, for which I blame Doyle entirely. POI-TV. That’s right, coming next summer is a cluster of web series’ from the mind of our team here. A few we’re very excited about are Ask Percy, Weekend Wars, and Alive and Undead. Ask Percy is a Dear Abby style write in where I will personally address your questions and concerns about the world around us. So start thinking up what to write and keep in mind that absolutely no subject is off limits. Weekend Wars is a documentary series following us at conventions and on shoots where you’ll get a unique inside look at how we do what we do. And Alive and Undead is a similar documentary series that will last only six episodes and will cover the rise and fall and subsequent re-rise of Parade of Insanity. I’m still trying to talk them out of this one for reasons that don’t concern you. And beginning in the spring we’ll have a page dedicated to Tutorials. We’ll take turns running you through a few simple tricks that will advance your skill as a photographer exponentially before we start shoving special effects and lessons on the history of the use of effects down your throats so hard you’ll be gagging on all the goodness. That’s all for now I think. Check back soon for more updates. And as always, stay shiny. ~P