Bohemian Heat

This is the first new set to be debuted on our new site. And it happened by accident. Simply a party with friends where Percy happened to have his camera. Later on, looking at the booze drenched results, he decided the images would look fantastic in black and white. Realizing the sudden change of style that the color choice added, he titled the set Bohemian Heat for the startling feel of the roaring 20’s, captured entirely by mistake in an an almost film noir style of light and shadow. This set features friends old and new, most of whom are artists in their own right.



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Edit: As of January 10th, 2018, this set has been augmented to exclude certain images for personal reasons. If you’re actively looking for the images in question, take note that they are no longer part of the Parade of Insanity canon as far as we see it. They are still available elsewhere (displayed without watermark (as in watermark cut out without permission of the photographer or the company represented therein)) and we assume that if you’re looking for them you will probably have no issue finding them at their current home without our help.
Thank you and have a pleasant day.


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