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An Update from the Lunatic in Chief

Hi all, Percy here,

I’m sure no one has noticed (as no one ever does) that nothing has really happened here in the last year. Well, while there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this I’d much rather keep you guessing. The point is that it hasn’t been for naught. And the time spent away has been spent in concept development. As always the ideas rattling around my brain cave like a colony of bats has finally escaped… and this time it even surprised me. I won’t go into much detail. Just expect things to come sometime near summer of next year. Don’t expect the expected… the unexpected is also right out the window. Expect something completely different and understand that even I don’t know exactly what to expect.

I’ve made a few updates here and there. A few months back I got bored and did a little redesign on this here website. Today I decided to scrap everything on POI-TV for what I’m going to assume are obvious reasons- I mean honestly, what the hell was I thinking? And presently I’m approaching a handful of friends and former colleagues with intent to press them into eternal servitude… I mean… build a development team… yeah… that… not the… uh… not the creepy thing at all.

In the coming months you may see familiar faces rejoin the gang- and you’ll most assuredly see brand new ones- as we rocket forward into a new era for Parade of Insanity and wave goodbye to the past like an ex with VD. It was fun while it lasted, but I respect myself to much to go back now.

So for now, as I have frequently ended messages in the past,
Stay Shiny